Sommer and Paul Sobin

We led a retreat to Umbria in June of 2013 and by the end of the trip we were already making plans to return. Lex is an amazing host and regional expert. All of the sites we visited were beautiful, tours were fun and entertaining, and the spiritual energy of the the whole region is very potent. Oh, and the food was spectacular. Lex did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to return next year.

Priscilla Nemeth

Lex Ulibarri, apart from having a musical name and being a thoughtful and knowledgeable American-Umbrian, is an arranger of sightseeing par excellence. I don’t mean that he just sits you in a bus and points to the passing sights, I mean that he takes you through the cathedrals, the sacred forests, the ancient villages, and shows you the historic frescoes and the lovely hamlets and valleys, and fills you with love and reverence for them all.

Mr. Ulibarri put together a tour of several meaningful Umbrian locations that had us all longing for a life in Umbria or, at the very least, a stone shelter on a mountainside where we could breathe in the appreciation he shared with us. I can only imagine that his ability to plan a tour of historic sites in Umbria and fill us with knowledge and reverence for those sites is easily transferred to more than just tours of Bevagna, Monteluco, Montefalco and Assisi. His sensibilities included making sure that his little company of tourists needn’t worry about extra payments or timely transportation and that our only job was to see and appreciate. His command of information about the places we visited and depth of understanding of their relevance and history was awe-inspiring.

Thank you, Lex, for more than doubling the value of a wonderful week of yoga in Umbria and for giving me so much to cherish and remember.

Marlena Lambert

As a participant at one of Yoga Umbria’s week-long retreats, I was delighted with the accommodations, both in terms of the physical facility (Borgo della Marmotta) and the accommodating style of Lex and the other staff and guides. They were all so willing to adapt to the group’s wants and needs as well as to individual requests.  As a teacher, I’m considering hosting my own retreat there next year!

Denise Hatch

Leading an out of country retreat is asking a great deal of people attending to travel far and settle into foreign lands with different language, currency, and food.  Knowing how special the Umbria region of Italy is, I wanted to not only offer a yoga and spiritual retreat there but I wanted people to be immersed into the sacred that awaited them. Without Lex Ulibarri, who made everything perfect, we all, myself included, would not have had the experience awaiting us.  We were transported to the heart which is the greatest gift one can receive.  With Lex arranging the perfect meals, lodging, excursions and meeting us at every opportunity to share his own heart and knowledge of the land, every single person on the retreat said it was “over the top”  and will return with us the next time.  Lex made our retreat seamless, we could not have done that on our own.

With deep gratitude Lex.

Paulette Bodeman

When Denise and I began planning our inaugural retreat to Italy I felt strongly that a third party was involved, though we had no idea who or why. And then we met Lex! He not only helped us navigate smoothly the business and details that is required to offer an exquisite retreat, but he listened with an open heart to our over all intention. He “got” that what we wanted to offer was an opportunity for  powerful transformattion. As a result the retreat for all involved was superb. So much so that we are returning! With love and gratitude to our heart-connected friend.

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