After years of building connection through friends and extended family here in umbria, I have access to a resort that is perfect for yoga retreat vacations. It is an ancient mill and it’s surrounding village that has been renovated into rooms and apartments sleeping about 40 people. The other buildings are renovated into lounge areas, dining and conference areas, and two large rooms that work perfectly for yoga and meditation practices.

The facility is situated in a small village called Poreta outside the well known town of Spoleto, Umbria.  The Spoleto valley is rich with castles, mediaeval villages, and panoramic views that stir the senses and fill the heart.  Because it is a small village, it affords the kind of tranquility that is perfect for yoga and meditation practice, while still being easily accessible for transportation around the area and from rome.


Also the beautiful umbrian countryside is perfect for short hiking excursions, or for those who are interested in a more adventurous trek along the francescan pilgrimage trail running right through the village. The resort is literally built form a small village, so the compound has a simple harmonious quality not found in other retreat facilities.  Including large garden and outdoor spaces that can function for meeting or practice areas in good weather.  But more important there is an authenticity  which supports the truthful nature of real yoga practice and exploration.

Every room in the facility is different, there are apartments which can sleep 4 people, double and single rooms.  There is a generous dining facility which opens onto an outdoor dining space overlooking the pool, for indoor and outdoor atmosphere.  The wonderful chef can prepare all options of classic italian cooking to more specific vegetarian and other dietary needs.


The two primary yoga spaces are open and comfortable. The larger can easily accommodate 25 students, and the smaller lighter space can house 15.  Both spaces have wood floors, beams and windows, letting in the sun, sound of birds singing and the melodious sound of church bells ringing in the nearby piazza.

There is a large salon, or living room space, with comfortable seating for groups to have meetings or satsang, and a flexible meeting space for conference gatherings or presentations.

The outdoor spaces are the most stunning. everywhere there is intimate reminders of the scale of building that evolved in the italian provinces, naturally growing from the function and materials that were available.  always under the watchful eye of the poreta castle, from almost any vantage point in the resort, you can see the 11th century castle walls and village looking down protectively on your retreat participants.

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