Growing up in the western Colorado mountains, the form and atmosphere of place became a fundamental part of my consciousness.  It was a natural progression to come to the mountainous valleys of Umbria, celebrating not only the beauty and magic of place, but also my love of history and architecture.

It was during my career in architecture and planning, that I came to the mat many years ago after being attracted to a meditation practice called yoga Nidra.  I found, in Anusara yoga, the right combination of spiritual exploration and detailed attention to alignment and form.


Immediately, I recognized the connection between my yoga practice and the creative process, one informing the other in subtle and substantive ways.  This continues to be very interesting to me, connecting and deepening spiritual experience creatively and meaningfully. I completed the nine month immersion program and a nine month yoga teacher training and i have done intensive study with many instructors and philosophers.  After hundreds of hours teaching experience and a move to Italy,  I have continued my training by retaking the masters immersion program in italian and workshops with other certified teachers in Italy.

Building my practice in my studio here in umbria, I realized the potential for sharing this place with a larger audience of yogis and yoginis wanting to have an experience that brightens and deepens the practice.  Umbria offers so much in the way of beauty, history and spiritual energy  it is a natural for any type of yoga and meditation practice. Through my connections here in Umbria, this is what i offer to interested teachers: a doorway into the truly connected and magical nature of place, supportive and energetically palpable, a perfect vessel to contain yogic practice!