We have developed a model for planning your retreat that is flexible and viable.  Umbria is much less expensive than many other options in italy, so we are able to offer you the best prices we can find, and you can pass on the value to your retreat participants.  Yoga Umbria works on a flat fee, no commission like many other retreat organizers.  That way your retreat costs are transparent and easily understood for the best value possible.

There are of course options, like the number and type of excursions you will offer.  This is also important when considering the type of retreat you like to teach.  For example, a more intensive practice oriented retreat, or a more excursion oriented retreat with some practice.  Other options involve the type of transportation you offer.  To and from the airport, or do you let your participants find their own way to the resort.

We can customize an all inclusive package to fit your market, and the character of retreat you want to offer as well as the number of teachers that will be hosting. We are also very sensitive to the type of practice that you would like to promote and are interested in supporting you in any way we can.

Umbria has a rich spiritual history.  This is a natural extension of the practice.  We offer as much information as is helpful for your group to inform you about the spiritual and mystical history.  This can also be important in choosing what type of places you would like to visit with your group.

All inclusive is very simple, truly all inclusive.  All meals, wine, lodging, excursions, transportation, guide, and yoga/meditation practices are included. You decide the number and type of activities you would like to share with your retreat participants.


There are single and double occupancy rooms available and well as beautiful suites.  Every room in this one of a kind resort is unique.  We have developed a model that is viable for a minimum of 15 participants, and you can grow your enrollment up to 25 for same retreat organization fee.  Groups over 25 participants are possible up to a maximum of 35, and of course there are some cost differences for larger groups.

If you are interested in knowing more about the potential for your retreat, please contact me and we can customize a package perfectly suited for you and your students.