Campello/Fonti del Clitunno

The comune of Campello, immediately adjacent to the resort, has within it several different villages.  The most interesting to visit is the village of Pissignano where there is a beautiful castle, an ancient church, and valley to explore.

Just below is the spring of Clitunno.  The clear water and calm atmosphere are wonderful for an afternoon walk.  It is possible to walk to the nearby temple of Clitunno, from the spring, to see part of what remains of a complex of sacred pagan structures from roman times.

There are actually stories of the emperor Caligula bringing his barge up the river Clitunus to visit the oracle who lived there.

As an excursion, this is a commitment for a morning and part of the afternoon.  The hike to the castle is somewhat strenuous, but well worth the sweeping views.  Lunch at the restaurant is wonderful with many choices and also has outdoor seating next to the spring.   An after lunch, a visit to the springs and walk to the ancient temple would take about an hour.  We are back to the resort in time for a late afternoon practice.