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We have created this website to facilitate yoga teachers who are looking for a way to have an incredible italian retreat. As a yoga teacher I understand the importance of community and connection we share with our students.  I have built a practice here in Umbria and a few years ago in addition to my regular practice, I began to organize very small groups or couples for yoga vacations and tours.  Now I have grown this idea into a wonderful offering to facilitate teachers wanting to bring students for week long yoga vacations.  My goal for offering this service is to share gracious italian hospitality. Umbrian cuisine traditionally celebrates the land and the people which is the inspiration for the slow food movement.

Exploring the wonderful sites in historic Umbria and building understanding of some of the spiritual history of the area is perfectly suited for supporting any type of yoga practice. I live in the Spoleto valley, about two hours north of Rome and the Rome airport.  It is easily accessible by train or car. The Spoleto valley, near Assisi is today’s spiritual center of Umbria. Umbria is called the green heart of Italy because if it’s long tradition of being a place very connected to nature. The ancient umbrians were forest dwellers, and had a sensitivity to nature that made them very aware of the magic surrounding them. Sacred place and ritual has been flowing through the traditions of Umbria for thousands of years, leading to the spiritual revolution of Saint Francis.

Umbria became a center of culture in the middle ages, sparking creative revolutions from the likes of artists such as Giotto, Perugino, and Cimabue and also Assisi was transformed into a center for gothic architecture and art that literally was the catalyst for the beginning of the renaissance.

I offer the opportunity for you to bring your students to this magical place.  Supported by the spiritual energy of Umbria, an all inclusive retreat for a group of students is actually very economical. Contact me for more information and an appointment to begin talking about the opportunity for you and your students. And please enjoy browsing through the rest of the website!

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